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Welcome to our website, where we celebrate our love for animals and goofy jokes!

Our purpose is to share our love for animals with the world. We provide people with cool and funny designs so they too can show their geeky loving side for our 4-legged friends. Our goal is to create a fun and lighthearted community of animal lovers who appreciate a good laugh.

At our website, all of our designs are generated by AI, so there is no human interference in the process of designing our clothes. This means that our designs are unique and one-of-a-kind. We take pride in offering high-quality products that showcase our love for animals and puns.

Browse our collection of t-shirts and other products, and show your love for animals in a fun and unique way! 

Thank you for supporting our website, and we hope that you enjoy our designs as much as we do.


​At the heart of our site is Apollo, our beloved mascot and inspiration. He is not just a dog, but a symbol of hope, love, and resilience. Apollo came into our lives during a difficult time when we were grieving a personal loss. In our darkest moments, we knew that we needed to find a way to bring some joy and light back into our lives. That's when we decided to adopt a dog, and that's when we found Apollo.

From the moment we saw his picture on the internet, we knew that he was the one for us. We couldn't wait to meet him, and when we did, it was love at first sight. Apollo was the perfect addition to our family, and he brought so much joy and happiness into our home. He quickly became the center of our lives, and we knew that he was exactly what we needed to help us heal and move forward.

Over time, Apollo became more than just a pet to us. He became a symbol of hope and resilience, a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We believe that Apollo's positive energy and love inspired us to make important changes in our lives. A few months after we adopted him, we got pregnant and we are now the proud parents of a beautiful little boy.

We are forever grateful to Apollo for the light and love that he has brought into our lives. He is not just a dog, but a member of our family, and we can't imagine our lives without him. We hope that his story will inspire others to adopt a pet and experience the joy and love that they bring. Thank you, Apollo, for being the goodest boy and for inspiring us to be better every day.

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